Get Your Pin On

If you’re like us, coming up with new DIY home projects is a way of life. We love following blogs and Pinterest to find creative new ways to design and decorate our spaces.

We’re admittedly a little pin-crazy, but it’s hard not to be while being inspired by the amazing home and office decor! Here are a few ideas that we think will inspire you to start bringing some of your ideas to life.

This adorable little reading space has a newfound coziness from the diagonal reclaimed wood planks. Think of the possibilities with that backdrop!

Vertical whitewash planks really brighten a room, and create a spacious vibe.

This boutique shop completely transformed its appearance by using a horizontal whitewash plank design!


These are just a few of the amazing transformations our customers have shared with us, and we’re receiving more every day! As you’ve seen, our peel and stick reclaimed wood planks bring flair and personality to any space. Because they require zero hardware or power tools, you’ll have a new vibe created in no time.

You can check them out for yourself by grabbing one of our sample packs, order your favorites, then get busy transforming your space!

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